10 Best Sales Funnel Builders

In the current market climate today, you need an exceptional digital marketing strategy for you to succeed. It is imperative for you as an entrepreneur to increase your sales so that you can generate bigger profit margins. To achieve this noble goal, nothing would help you better than the sales funnel builders.

Sales funnel is a fundamental concept that you have to use in your journey to increase sales for your company and it is offered to you by various companies.

For you to get the best sales funnel builders, I have done in-depth research of the best 10 that you can use with close attention to their features, pricing, pros, and cons.

1. GetResponse

Getresponse Sales Funnel Builder
Source: Getresponse.com

GetResponse is a robust digital marketing tool that you can use to build a sales funnel for your business. You can do quite a lot with this platform from landing page creation to email marketing and more. GetResponse has conversion funnel tools that allow you to create all aspects of the sales funnel such as social ads, sales pages, order confirmations, and landing pages. This platform can be used to do an entire sales cycle without skipping a step or using other tools to perform some steps. GetResponse is one of the easiest sales funnel builders with many promising features and it comes to you at competitive prices.


  • Email marketing software
  • Web forms
  • Ecommerce store
  • automated order confirmations
  • Social ad creator
  • Pop-ups which appear when you want to exit
  • Landing page creation

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse comes with four pricing plans. They include the Basic plan which sells at $15 per month, the Essential plan which starts at $49 per month, the Professional plan which starts at $99 a month, and the Enterprise plan at $1199 per month.


  • e-Commerce integration
  • Marketing automation
  • Funnel templates


  • No affiliate management system

GetResponse is a comprehensive and robust sales funnel builder which takes customers in every step of the sales journey and hence making it one of the best funnel builders.

2. Groovefunnels

Source: Groovefunnels.com

Groove funnels is a sales funnel software that is the cheapest, newest, and fastest-growing in the market today. It helps you to build a sales funnel for free. The free pillars are GroovePages, GrooveMail, and GrooveSell which are available to you with full capabilities. Currently, it is offered to you as a lifetime deal but it is expected to cost you on a monthly basis in the future. It has a variety of promising features that help you to sell your products online.


  • Has GroovePages which helps you to create landing pages, marketing sales funnels, and websites.
  • Has GrooveSell for selling your products
  • Has GrooveMail which is essentially email marketing automation that helps you to convert leads.
  • Has GrooveVideo which is a marketing-oriented video hosting.
  • Groove Member: This is where you can create your membership sites.
  • GrooveAffiliate: This is for recruiting affiliates who help to create traffic towards your products.

GrooveFunnels Pricing

The basic GroveFunnels is free where you can create your funnels without a credit card, contract, or any agreement. With basic GrooveFunnels, you get GrooveSell, GrooveMail, and GroovePages features and not all the features. To get access to all the features you have to do a lifetime upgrade which is not a must.


  • It is available to you all for free in a lifetime
  • Offers you unlimited products and hosting.


  • New in the market
  • It’s in beta mode currently.

Free sales funnel builders are rare and it is good you secure a free account with GrooveFunnel as a lifetime deal before the deal is over.

3. Kartra

Kartra Sales Funnel Builder
Source: Kartra.com

Kartra is an exceptional all-in-one platform where you can do your online marketing. With Kartra, you can create landing pages using a website builder that is easy to use. You can also market your company’s products and services as you do email marketing campaigns using this platform which offers you great customization.


Below are the key features that make Kartra your best sales funnel builder:

  • It has an affiliate management system that helps you to set commissions and assign affiliates
  • It has page builders such as thank you pages, sales pages, and blogs
  • It comes with email marketing that helps you to replace email marketing services such as ConvertKit.
  • It offers you opt-in forms that help you to collect new leads.
  • Video hosting accompanied by promotional pop-ups.
  • It has funnels and campaigns that help you in successful marketing.

Kartra’s Pricing

Kartra is a sales funnel builder with 4 pricing plans which are dependent on the size of your business. These plans include the starter plan, silver plan, gold plan, and platinum plan which cost you $99, $199,$299, and $499 respectively per month.


  • It’s a full marketing automation
  • It’s an all-in-one platform
  • You can create funnels and publish them quickly.


  • It gets expensive as your business grows
  • It has no WordPress plugin.

Despite its few drawbacks, Kartra remains one of the best sales funnel software because it has nearly every tool that you need and you can publish your brand’s content as soon as you add it.

4. Builderall

Like GrooveFunnels, ClickFunnels, and Kartra, Builderall is an all-in-one marketing system. This means that Builderall has nearly all the tools that you need to build your sales funnel without the need to use any other external software. However, Builderall has extra tools that can confuse you because they are somehow of a lower level compared to the tools you find in software like Kartra.

The drag and drop builder allows you to make pages according to your preference without the need for prior coding knowledge. This makes the tool user-friendly. Everything in Bulderall is customizable.


  • Has an app builder that requires no coding skills
  • Can create membership areas and courses
  • Animated videos
  • HeatMaps and click maps that allow you to monitor your visitors’ actions
  • E-commerce tool integration
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Facebook Messenger chatbot

Builderall Pricing

There is a 7-day free trial that you can start with when using Builderall then you can subscribe to either an Essential plan of $29.9 per month or a Premium plan of $69.9 per month.


  • Plenty of tools to use for conversion
  • Funnel automation


  • Overwhelming features

Builderall is a comprehensive and robust tool but it may be confusing to beginners. However, it’s a resourceful tool for non-starters.

5. ClickFunnels

Source: Clickfunnels.com

In Clickfunnels, the process of building your sales funnel is made simpler and easier than in other platforms. This platform provides you with tools such as a webpage editor, a shopping cart, social media, and email marketing options which are organized in a dashboard.

Once you buy this product, you just install it and make changes to it using a drag and drop tool so that you have your company’s or brand’s content. Below are the features that make this product a unique tool for boosting your sales:


  • Pre-built funnel templates hence you do not require prior sales funnel building knowledge.
  • Drag and drop sales funnel tool hence you do not have to hire a developer or learn how to code.
  • Inbuilt automation emails feedback to your customers based on their actions in your funnel.
  • Has an affiliate management system.
  • Comes with free eBooks that offer you expert advice.

Clickfunnels pricing

With Clickfunnels, you have two pricing options to pick from based on the size of your business. You can buy any of these two plans after a 14-day free trial. The two plans are start-up and platinum which will cost you $97 and $297 respectively.


  • It’s a popular sales software funnel and hence has many visitors.
  • It’s easy to set it up
  • Comes with many pre-built templates


  • Expensive for beginners
  • Has limited options for customization

Click funnels is an excellent option for you if you are looking for a funnel that has many users and a focus for customer conversion.

6. Optimize Press

Optimize press is a WordPress software that has been used as a sales funnel builder for a long time. It is used to build landing pages that help to promote your products to your audiences. It has fully customizable templates and hence you do not have to build your pages from a blank canvas.


Optimize press has the following features:

  • Has membership templates
  • Customizable landing page templates
  • Optimizecheckout plugins
  • WordPress themes
  • Free photo Integration.

Optimize Press Pricing

Optimize Press has three cost plans. These plans are the Essential plan, Business plan, and Elite Marketers Suite Plan which cost $97, $149, and $199 respectively. The essential plan is used on one personal site while the Business plan is used on 5 sites and Elite Marketers Suite on 20 sites.


  • Comes with gorgeous templates
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with many pre-built funnels


  • Only used on WordPress sites
  • Lacks some functionality like email marketing.

Although Optimize Press lacks some features, it is an excellent solution for you if you want a sales funnel builder for WordPress.

7. Thrive Themes

ThriveThemes funnel builder
Source: Thrivethemes.com

Thrive themes refers to a collection of extensive tools and plugins which you use only on WordPress sites and hence you need a website hosted on WordPress.org. This collection of tools can be used to build websites and pages, host courses, split tests, generate leads, and perform other functions. You can exploit these tools and come up with various types of sales funnel for your business.


  • Thrive Theme Builder: It enables you to customize your WordPress Themes.
  • Thrive Architect: Page builder with drag and drop functionality.
  • Thrive Ovation: This allows you to collect customers’ testimonials.
  • Thrive Apprentice: For creating courses
  • Thrive Optimize: Used for running A/B tests
  • Thrive Quiz Builder: This allows you to create quizzes

Thrive Themes Pricing

Thrive membership comes at $19 per month if you are paying annually while Agency Membership Plan for companies goes for $49 per year.


  • A designer tool that is easy to use
  • You become the sole owner of your funnels


  • No marketing Automation

Thrive Themes is a great sales funnel builder because it has numerous tools although it lacks funnel tracking and market automation.

8. Leadpages

Leadpages funnel builder
Source: leadpages.com

Leadpages create high converting landing pages which are important factors for building a sales funnel. Building a sales funnel is made easy because of the availability of conversion toolkit templates in this software. Leadpages is also a full website builder and therefore you can create a new site from scratch. With Leadpages you require no prior coding knowledge and hence it is user-friendly. This is because Leadpages provide you with real-time optimization advice to enhance and improve your pages.


Below are the key features of Leadpages:

  • Website builder
  • Design pop-ups before you exit
  • Web forms
  • Leadpages checkouts
  • Inbuilt conversion goals and analytics
  • More than 200 landing pages and templates.
  • Optimization tips

Leadpages Pricing

  • After you enjoy a 14-day free trial, you have three different cost plans for buying Leadpages. These plans include the Standard plan of $37 per month, the Pro plan of $79 per month, and the advanced plan of $321 per month.


  • Conversion optimization tips
  • Has numerous templates
  • Easy to use


  • No funnel tracking.

Although Leadpages is not made specifically for sales funnel, with more effort you can do an exceptional job with it.

9. ThriveCart

Thrivecart sales funnel
Source: getthrivecart.com

ThriveCart is a shopping cart software that is user-friendly and allows you to increase revenue as an online entrepreneur. Over time it has become a powerful and popular shopping cart software that is supported by plenty of payment platforms and has an affiliate management system and autoresponder integrations.


  • It comes as a one-time payment deal
  • With ThriveCart you can implement upsells, downsells, and bump orders options
  • It is an affiliate management system
  • A/B testing supported
  • High-converting pre-built templates

ThriveCart Pricing

ThriveCart comes with a lifetime license for which you pay a price of $495 just once. You can also upgrade to a pro account that has more features at only a $ 690-lifetime license.


  • It comes as a one-time payment deal
  • Provides you with a shopping cart platform
  • You can do upsell and down-sell on this platform


  • No email marketing
  • Limited template
  • Lacks Pop-ups

10. Instapage

Instapage funnel builder
Source: Instapage.com

This is a sales funnel builder that is hosted in the cloud and has plenty of tools that help you to create and publish landing pages. It comes with post-click automation and hence as an online entrepreneur you can easily capture more value from your campaigns.


  • Drag and drop editor
  • Landing page analytics
  • Customizable templates
  • Instablocks that help in the creation of multiple landing pages
  • Heatmaps that help you to monitor how visitors are interacting with your funnel
  • A/B testing

Instapage Pricing

Instapage has two pricing options. They include an Instapage Business Plan that costs $199 per month and a custom Enterprise plan that is designed to meet your specific needs then you pay accordingly.


  • Has landing page templates that look professional
  • Easy to use
  • Plenty of helpful online documentation and live chat support.


  • High pricing
  • Limited landing pages and eCommerce options compared to other tools like Leadpages.

Although instapage is priced highly, it is still a great option specifically because of its landing page templates that are very professionals.


For you to convert as many visitors into customers as possible, you must use these sales funnel builders. These tools are user-friendly and anyone can use them whether a beginner or a professional web designer. Once you use them intelligently the sales of your company will increase dramatically.

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