Vidnami Review

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Vidnami Review

There are various business marketing tools that I will be providing a review based on my experience with them. In this article, I will be providing Vidnami review. As an active user of Vidnami, I thought it useful to provide a review onVidnami review.

This Vidnami review will provide detail of its pros and cons as I guess you are here for that.

Over the past few years, marketing has taken a different dimension as technology continues to improve to make things convenient for us. There are several forms of marketing but our focus will be on video marketing strategy. This is a review of a video marketing tool.

 This technique of marketing is proven to be effective as messages are conveyed faster and with visual. This makes the content more efficient as the audience gets to connect more with it compared to other forms of content. I personally content with video presentation faster as I’m a slow reader, what about you?.

To bring the above into perspective, according to Nielsen, American information, data, and measurement of the firm, about 64% of marketers say video will make up more than half of their strategies in the near term.

Similarly,  Vidyard, a software company based in Ontario, Canada, reported that about 70% of marketers interviewed say that they get a higher conversion rate through video marketing than any other form of content creation.

According to Business Insider, YouTube users watch over 1 billion hours of video every day. I’m not totally surprised about the statistics especially if we consider the benefits of video marketing which include but not limited to engaging the audience, can be used for email marketing campaigns, and helps to improve leads.

So, let’s take a dig into what Vidnami is:

Vidnami is online software that enables you to create fast, easy, and professionally-looking videos within the shortest possible time.  It can be used to create a video for advertising, sales, social media, online courses, and so on.


Let’s take a look at the various feature of Vidnami.

  1. With the software, you can make any kind of videos such as content videos, ads videos, sales videos, course videos, real estate videos, and so on. It has over 790,000 royalty-free video clips and 122 million high-quality images to choose from. I’m not sure if any similar software has that kind of resources. Also, this software is constantly upgraded to include more clips and images.

  2. Vidnami software is beginner-friendly.  I’m not a tech-savvy but I was able to navigate the software easily.

  3. Royalty-free music with over 125,000 music tracks to let you quickly find the perfect soundtrack for your videos.

  4. You can also upload your own media such as your own images, video clips, and music tracks directly into Vidnami.

  5. There are over 100 professional video templates for Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and more to choose from.

  6. You can record your own voice with the AutoVoice. This enables you to instantly convert your text to speech, or upload a pre-recorded voice track.

  7. Vidnami uses artificial intelligence to analyze your text.This automatically select clips which slashes the time it takes to create videos.


Video created with Vidnami may include creative commons images that you may either go back to the video slide to change or you have to reference the image within the context in which you are using it. I usually go back to the slide to change the image, although I have to acknowledge that in most cases the creative commons images are the most appropriate for the particular scene.

Vidnami’s Price, Discount, and Trial

 Vidnami offers a monthly subscription of $47. I consider this as its greatest con as the fee is quite much for someone who is just getting started with video content creation. However, in comparison to other products, it is considerably affordable.

That said, it is interesting to know that you can get an occasional 25% discount which means you can save $144 in a year as you will only have to pay $35 instead of the $47. What is most reassuring is that the 25% discount is for as long as you keep your monthly subscription to the service.

Another thing I would like you to know and take advantage of is the 14-day free trial of Vidnami and the interesting thing is there is no restriction. You can make as many videos as you can during the 14 days, no submission of credit card information, and no string attached. This is a mouth-watering offer compared to other software or product that offer a free trial with various conditions attached. Also, you would be asked to provide your card information. Then after 14 days, you can decide to go on with the monthly subscription or opt-out.

The third option is the annual plan for $397 a year, which also provides you with some savings.

However, I must say that this option is for those that will be using the tool throughout the year and for the long-term.

If your use of the Vidnami will be limited, I think the monthly plan would be better.

To have a feel of how a video made with Vidnami looks like, check out the video down this page.

Finally, I will provide you with information on how to make money online with Vidnami

  1. You can set up a YouTube channel to promote the content you are producing with Vidnami. In addition, you can promote affiliate products on the YouTube channel.

       2. You can create videos to sell online in the form of online courses and so on.

       3. You can use Vidnami to create traffic pulling videos to drive traffic to your blog or sales funnel.

       4. You can sell videos as a freelancer on places such as Fiver or Upwork.

Thanks for reading the review on Vidnami and by now, I hope I have provided you with some information to help you in making the decision to consider Vidnami or not.

However, my view about the tool and as a user is that Vidnami is a powerful and exceptional tool that is easy and convenient to use. It is cloud-based, that is, you can use it anywhere. Also, all your videos are saved. You don’t have to be tech-savvy or a professional video editor to use the tool.


Your success in using the tool to make money is largely on you. This implies that you should have good content that you want to produce with the tool and be able to put in the effort. Vidnami is a fantastic tool and can produce amazing results.

Finally, if you would like to get the free trial, check the first link below. If you would like to grab at the discount click the second link.

Vidnami 14 day free trial

Vidnami 25% discount

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