Side-hustles you can start with little or no Money

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Do you know you there are side-hustles you can start with little or no money?. Some people still believe they must have a huge amount of money before they can start a business or a side-hustle.

Most of them are still ignorant of how technology has simplified access to some businesses, hence, breaking the barriers of sourcing for capital to start a business.

Today, the internet provides numerous opportunities that anyone can take advantage of, by starting a business.

I will be providing an overview of five side-hustles you can start with little or no money.

You can start any of these businesses at any time and build it in as much you’re ready to commit some time to it.

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1. YouTube Channel

YouTube is a video sharing platform that enables users to post videos and watch videos posted by others.

Videos on YouTube are posted by people like you and me from all over the world and about different topics.

So, how can this be a business? You having videos uploaded on your Youtube channel and building your subscribers and growing your views provides you the opportunity to get your channel monetized, then you can have adverts on your videos and earn some money.

To get your channel monetized. you must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time hours. Once that’s achieved then you can get paid about $2 per 1,000 views. The more views, the more money you get.

Make Money Online
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Another way to make money with your youtube channel is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which you get a commission on a product or service that you sell through your affiliate link.

For instance, if your channel is about weight loss, and you produce different videos on that. If there is a particular pill that you have used and it works for you.

You can recommend that pill for your viewers. Make sure you become an affiliate marketer to the company that produces the pill.

Then provide your affiliate link in the description of your youtube video. If anyone buys through that affiliate link, you get paid.

A YouTube channel is free.  I must tell you that it sounds simple but it requires consistency, dedication, continuous improvement on the quality of your videos, and good content. This requires time and perseverance.

If you are the type that does not want to appear on camera, there are tools such as Vidnami to produce a high-quality video. Vidnami is online software that enables you to create fast, easy, and professionally-looking videos within the shortest possible time. Check here for a review on Vidnami and below is an example of a video generated by Vidnami.

There are lots of channels on YouTube, therefore, you have to be able to come up with a unique niche and content to be able to attract people to your channel.

Also, the consistency mentioned above means that if you decide to post a video every Thursday, you have to ensure that you post a video on that day as your viewers will be sure you are serious.

Other information you need about running a YouTube channel and monetizing your channel, check this.


2. Blogging

This is another content creation line of business that requires a little amount to start with.  This has to do with writing, particularly more suitable for people who like to write.

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To start with, you have to think about a niche, it could be health, finance, sports, and so on. The niche selection must be informed by your interest, else, you will not be motivated to regularly post content.

Sequel to identifying the niche, the next thing is getting a domain name and hosting. In case, you are new to the term, a domain name is a brand name such as It is the name you have chosen to call your blog.

While hosting can be likened to a land where you build a house on. So, it’s the platform where your website lives, it’s responsible for keeping your website online.

Make Money Online
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You have to set up your website by getting the domain name and hosting. You have to make some modifications to the default WordPress settings.  Then, you must get your blog configured and start posting content.

However, it does not end there as you will have to generate traffic to the blog in order to make money through the website.

The following are some of the techniques to drive traffic to your blog for free such as optimize your blog for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), publish quality content, publish frequently, promote your content on social media, do your keyword research, and so on.

You make money with a blog through an advert, affiliate marketing, and selling courses or ebooks.


3. Freelancing

This is when you undertake a contract for either an individual or an organization. As a freelancer, you work for yourself as you are not attached to an organization.

Being a freelancer has to do with your skills, some people are skillful at a particular thing, yet they do not monetize the skills.

For instance, if you are very good at writing, you can be a freelancer and help numerous people to write articles, blog posts, and so on.

The interesting part of this is that you don’t have to be searching for those that require your service rather those that require your service will be the one looking for you.

Make Money OnlineWhat do I mean by this? There are several platforms that are now available for freelancers to be part of. Those who require the services of a freelancer will come searching on these platforms.

Some of these platforms are,,

What you need to do is sign up with any or all of them and provide all the necessary information to complete your biography on the platform. Then, you start selling your services for money on the platform.

4. Print on Demand (POD)

Print on demand is a process where you work with a supplier to customize white-label products (like baseball hats or tote bags) with your own designs to sell them on a per-order basis under your own brand.

POD is one of the side-hustles you can start with little or no money. There are various print on demand platforms that you can sell your designs on for free.

Although you don’t have to be a graphic designer to be able to sell your designs on these platforms.

You can download free pictures on and make some adjustments to it on You can then upload on any on the platforms.

However, if you would like to take print on demand as a business, I think it would be advantageous to add graphic design to your skillset. This is a skill that will help you scale the business in the long run.

You can start a print on demand business on websites such as,,,, and so on.

You only have to upload a design on the platform and apply it to the items you want to sell.  Platforms like and handle the rest.

However, on a platform like Etsy, you will have to register with a third party business that will take care of printing and distribution, such as Printiful.

These platforms differ. For instance, once you upload your design on, it will automatically be on all the items available for sale.

You will only have to adjust your design to fit each of the items. While on Zazzle, you will have to apply the uploaded design to each item at a time. It’s more time-wasting.

You make money on these platforms by selling the items you have your designs on.

To drive more traffic to your store on any of these platforms, you can make use of social media platforms. This will help you get more sales.


5. Teach Online

If you are very good at any particular subject and you can teach the subject, then consider teaching online.

Having your own platform might be challenging in terms of the required resources. This includes but not limited to a course-based website and advertising the website.

One of the side-hustles you can start with no money is becoming an online tutor. This requires some time and ability to research the subject(s) you are teaching.

There are platforms that provide the opportunity for tutors to teach. The most interesting thing about these platforms is their flexibility. You can choose to be a full-time tutor or a part-time tutor while you have another job.

You must know that it’ll not be all rosy at the beginning. This is because there are lots of competition on these platforms.

All you need to do is showcase your skills when you have the opportunity. This will help you build trust and your profile on the platform.

You must be consistent when starting out. With time you will get to a level where you will be making consistent income especially when you have outstanding reviews.

The following are some of the platforms you can start with and you can research many more.,,, smart thinking, and superprof.

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This above only provided an overview of each of the businesses, you may have to do more research on how to make the business of your choice more profitable and scalable.

I know that each of these online opportunities can be overwhelming, make sure you start one at a time. Don’t multi-task when you are to focus on one thing and be very good at it.

If you are interested in any one of these opportunities, focus on it, and avoid distractions. Make sure you are resolute at achieving success at it as each of them is very competitive. Also, be consistent in your effort to make it work, seek help, and utilize online resources available to be successful.

Which one of the above are you interested in and why? Please, share other online opportunities outside the ones above. Share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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